Looking Forward to Lots of Book Launches

I work on writing projects simultaneously, which means any one project takes longer than if all creative energies had been devoted just to it. I suppose you could call that a scattershot method—or a scatterbrained one. Fair enough, either way.

When parallel projects reach fruition at roughly the same time, a scatterbrained scattershot writer can experience a frisson of joy. At the least I'll have a sense of relief, having gotten several books out the door and onto shelves (real and virtual) in a short time.

In late May I'll launch a book that very well could cause controversy. I may end up with new friends and foes. I hope it's many of the one and few of the other, but we'll see. This is a current-events book, but that's all I'll say about it until it's published.

I now have launched a set of five books on debating. I had them written before I began the current-events book and wasn't quite able to wrap things up before finding myself immersed in the latter. Because of its timeliness, it had to be given priority. That means that the debates books languished for a while.

In June or July I hope to complete a five-book series on hiking and backpacking. The second book in the series, How to Fail at Hiking Mt. Whitney, already is available. Two more books, on general backpacking do's and don'ts and on hiking in Grand Canyon, are each half written. That leaves a not-yet-started book on hiking in Yosemite plus (this will be easy) the omnibus volume comprised of the other four books. That means I have the equivalent of two books to write, which should be doable since the books are short.

Let me count: I have five debating books, four additional hiking books, and the mystery book, thus ten new titles launching in about two months. At which point I will keel over.

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