No Apology - 3D

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In it I write about how to do apologetics and how not to.

I defend the very idea of apologetics against a theologian who thinks apologetics is passé.

I look at how the Faith is promoted through beauty and through suffering.

I take you from my own backyard to such distant times and places as fifth-century Jerusalem and sixteenth-century Japan.

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I'm Working on Book 4 of My How to Fail at Hiking Series

My How to Fail at Hiking series will be four books, plus a fifth omnibus volume. The series will consist of How to Fail at Backpacking (the introductory book), How to Fail at Hiking Mt. Whitney (already published), How to Fail at Hiking Yosemite, and How to Fail at Hiking Grand Canyon.

I'm working on that last title now, after a long surcease. I'm editing a harrowing story of a hike on which one of my hiking companions almost became a statistic. It's one of those "Kids, don't do this at home" tales.

I still have several chapters to write about hiking in Grand Canyon. When I finish them, I'll turn to the first book in the series, which gives general advice about how not to flub a backpacking trip. I'm half done with that book.

Then comes the third book in the series, about hiking in Yosemite. I haven't started that one yet. It will be a little tricky, because I have to make sure not to duplicate anything that appears in the other books.

After that, I'll combine the four books into the omnibus. I hope to have all these ready in January or February.

The Bible Battle 3D

Try Book 1 in the Debating Catholicism Series (and I Bet You'll Pick Up Books 2-4 Later!)

The Bible Battle is the first book in the four-book series of debates I was in. My opponent in this debate was Peter S. Ruckman, often styled the king of the King James Only movement.

He didn't just argue the Bible-alone position. He argued that KJV-alone position on top of it: a real Christian, he said, would use only the KJV, not some later translation.

The Bible Battle, like the other books in the series, is available for just $2.99 in the digital version. That's the price of a cheap hamburger—but the book is much more filling! The paperback version is only $4.99.

I hope you'll enjoy The Bible Battle so much that you'll want to get the other three books in the series:

High Desert Showdown

Tracking Down the True Church

Face Off with an Ex-Priest

(A better deal: all four debate books are gathered into an omnibus volume called Debating Catholicism. It's only $5.99 for the digital version and a mere $9.99 for the paperback.)

Perhaps My Most Controversial Book

Can you read a 310-page book in 90 minutes? Neither can I. No one can, at least not with comprehension. But that's what some reviewers claimed they did when I came out with The New Geocentrists.

My book refutes the notion—popular with some Catholics and Protestants—that the sun, planets, and stars revolve around a stationary Earth. Proponents say this idea is demanded by a literal reading of the Bible. I explain why they're wrong, both biblically and scientifically.

Friends of the chief Catholic geocentrist knew my book was coming out. They were ready. Within two hours of its appearance at Amazon they posted a spate of one-star reviews. Of course, they hadn't seen the book. They just "knew" my position had to be wrong, so they wrote accordingly. But judge for yourself.